Saturday 17 January 2009

The Janitors - 3rd Peel Session (20-1-87)

Boogadang Thang
Go Staggerlee
Family Fantastic
It's a Chrome Ball

Janitors 3


Jim said...

Thanks for uploading this, I remember sitting next to a battered tape deck/radio trying to record this session in my parent's living room. The tape got chewed a few years later and I've missed these excellent tunes. Presume you know about;

Again many thanks my day, week has been made!!!


ROOKSBY said...

What a band! x

Unknown said...

Wonderful to hear this again, I thought it was lost forever, along with my old tapes. We saw the Janitors in Aldershot around 1986 and they were raucous and a bit tipsy. They stopped during one song to ask my brother for a light....