Wednesday 30 April 2008

Fred Lane - From the One that Cut You

A must have CD and now hard to find (unless you wanna pay silly money)
Contains both "From the One that Cut You" & "Car Radio Jerome" LPs on 1 CD

Tracks -

1. Fun in the Fundus
2. Danger Is My Beer
3. I Talk to My Haircut
4. From the One That Cut You
5. Rubber Room
6. Mystic Tune
7. Oatmeal
8. Meat Clamp Conduit
9. White Woman
10. Car Radio Jerome
11. Dial "O" for Bigelow
12. Dondi Must Die
13. Upper Lip of a Nostril Man
14. Man With the Foldback Ears
15. French Toast Man
16. Hittite Hot Shot
17. Pneumatic Eyes

David Knott, Jeffery Taylor, Robert Millis, & Rick Bishop "Messenger Trio" LP

Sun City Girls - To Cover Up Your Right to Live

Tracks -
Dark Eyes
Journey to the Center of the Mind
Paris 1942
Wild World of Animals
Gum Arabic
Midnite Cowboy
Over the Rainbow
Back Stabbers
Me & Mrs Jones
Robin Trower
R&R Hootchikoo
Never Rains in S. CA
Spanish Caravan
Anna Flo Jestine
Tom Waits

SCG - Right to Live

Sun City Girls - Cloaven Theatre #1

Heres my first post. One of the better Cloaven Cassettes.

Tracks -

I Protect You From Me
I Deal a Stick
Eyeball in a Quart Jar of Snot
Voice of America
Beelzebub Visits West VA
The Men in Black

Recorded Live on KASR ASU radio 10-1-86

SCG - Cloaven Theatre #1