Sunday 29 March 2009

Deep Freeze Mice - Rain is When the Earth is Television LP (1986, Cordelia Records)

Minstrel Radio Yoghurt
I Met a Man Who Spoke Like an UCCA Form
Careful With That Axe
A Ten Legged Beast (Or an Eight Legged Beast with Feelers)
Here Comes the Sun Exploding
An Eight Sided Thing
Peter Smith is a Banana
The Rat Dance
Number 9
Esther Hit Me With the Marmalade
You're Going Green
You're Going Green II
These Floors are Smooth
Phylis is a Protozoa No. 2


Deep Freeze Mice etc. - Neuron Music 12" (1985, Cordelia Records)

Deep Freeze Mice - Neuron Music
Rimarimba - Why Do You Squeak?
Mr. Concept - Some People Aren't Fit to Live
The Jung Analysts - God
? - Blue Moon

Nightingales 3rd Peel Session 12" (1982, Cherry Red)

Which Hi-Fi?
Give 'Em Time
My Brilliant Career
The Son of God's Mate

Nightingales Live at ICA 1984

Which Hi-Fi?
Not Man Enough
Surplus & Scarcity
Crafty Fag


Monday 16 March 2009

Nightingales 5th & 6th Peel Sessions

5th (12-12-83)

Look Satisfied
All Talk
Not Man Enough

6th (11-3-85)

How to Age
First My Job
Part-Time Moral England


Great Leap Forward Peel Session (8-6-87)

Propping Up the Nose of the King
Hope's Not Enough Son, Ask Your Parents
Haranguing the Boisterous Buffoons
When it's Cold in Summer


Hudson-Styrene - A Monster and the Devil (1989, Tinnitus Records)

East Side Story
Memory Of You
Last Hot Day
Opus 12
Back In Hell

Big Black Peel Session (6-5-87)

The Newman Generator
L Dopa
Dead Billy
The Ugly American


Three Johns - 3rd Peel Session (7-11-83)

Sun of Mud
The Day Industry Decided to Stop
A Public Song For a Friend Under Suspicion of Fire-Bombing a Private Shop
Poo Poo Poodle Bougoise & Mouths to Feed

3 Johns 3rd

Walking Seeds - 2nd Peel Session (30-9-87)

Transmaniacan MC
Eyes Too Big
El Sexorcist
(30 secs only)

Walking Seeds 2nd