Saturday 17 January 2009

Fire Engines - 2nd Peel Session (23-11-81)

Big Wrong Time
Young Tongues Need Taste
Produced to Seduce to

Fire Engines


billyonwheels said...
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billyonwheels said...

this is rare as hen's teeth! i have it on tape, recorded in 81, and have never seen it anywhere since. even when they played at the ICA in 2005(?), after reforming, they didn't play the songs here. many thanks for sharing!

ROOKSBY said...

Apparently they've disowned this stuff as being "misguided"! Dunno why 'cos I love it as much as the earlier stuff, it sounds like ACR doing Beefheart or something! I still have a terrible tape dub from when Peel repeated both sessions in the early 90s - lots of FM crackle & pop...!