Friday 8 August 2014

Back with some more singles

Andrew Liles/Wander - The Astronomical Entomologist (2005, Beta- Lactam Ring)

Cave - Butthash/Machines & Muscles (2008, Trensmat)

Charles Hayward - Out Of Order/Beside (2008, Dot Dot Dot Music)

He Said 27#11 - Oh How To Do Now/Show Me How (2006, Brainwashed)

Heavy Winged - Concrete Glass/Lost Forever (2007, Trensmat)

Wooden Wand - More From The Mountain/Guru Femmes (2007, Woodsist)

Elephant Micah - Equine Emblem (2008, Great Pop Supplement)

Dust/Omit - Fore-Casts (1995, Fisheye)

Gag - Caveman Shuffle Suffers Known As Patty/C2 (2001, Flitwick)

1 comment:

DJHit said...

I came across your blog (which unfortunately ignored all these internet-sailing years) through a MAGGOT CAVIAR's link.
Been wandering in your older posts - which thanfully are still alive - for some hours know.
Hope you keep on. Thanks for all the great stuff.