Tuesday 23 February 2010

The Moodists - Where the Trees Walk Downhill 7" (Au Go Go, 1980)

A lot of interest in those Moodists sessions so heres the first single. Short and sweet.


ROOKSBY said...

I've been listening to The Moodists since the mid-80s but have never heard that B-side before, nice one!

P.S. You don't have any of their later 12"s do you, they're virtually impossible to get hold of?

Cliff Richard's Neck said...

Dug out the creation 12" but its already available here .

ROOKSBY said...

Wow, you've made my night! They did a couple more on T.I.M. around the same time, both of which are IMPOSSIBLE to find. Needless to say,it's really pissing me off... (!)

David Lawrence said...

fuck!! these are brilliant songs!
thank you. wish all their stuff was this catchy :)