Saturday, 24 July 2010

More Singles

Acid Mothers Temple - Hey Good Child/You're My Boy (2004, Ochre Records)

Arkansaw Man - Every Job/Mark Twain (1983, Subterranean Records)

Athenian Mercury - Becoming Pixellated Through Anesthesia and Twilight EP (2004, X Died Enroute Y)

Bastard Noise - The R.A. Sessions EP (2000, Riotous Assembly)

Big City Orchestra - Grass (XTC)/Grass (Ivor Cutler) (1995, Sick Muse Records)

Burning Star Core - Body Blues/The Pleasure is All Mine (2007, Hospital Productions)

Campbell vs. Greenwood/Cunt Eats Cock - Marie Dickson Says "Just Fuckin' Calm Doon, Right? 7" Lathe (1996, Hell's Half Halo)


Jerry Orbach said...

Thanks very much for this. I always had a hard time tracking down the Arkansaw Man 7", even after it was reissued.

the saucer people said...

Jesus, the Arkansaw Man single! Ah, Subterranean, that takes me back - incredible label, god I was so so obsessed by the Butthole Surfers - compared to the music going on in the UK at the time, it always seemed so impossibly Other as I'm sure people in the USA had exactly the same experience with UK bands.. the music is always greener....

Many thanks!