Friday, 30 July 2010

Deerhoof/KIT - Buddy Series #2 (2004, Narnack Records)

Dirty Projectors - Ascending Melody/Emblem Of The World (2009, Domino USA)

Envenomist - Feral Towers (2006, Bloodlust!)

Emeralds - Fresh Air (2009, A Soundesign Recording)

Greg Weeks/[[[vvrssnn]]] - Entrenched/Gauntlet Of The Dying Soul (prelude) (2003, Spirit Of Orr)

Jack Rose - Untitled Parts I + II (2006, Tequila Sunrise)


colin said...


would it be possible to send me links to your king creosote 5cd squeezebox downloads please? can't get a hold of that anywhere. i know fence asked you to remove it but if they won't make it available elsewhere, what are fans meant to do?

one music fan to another i'd be forever grateful. my gmail is


colin said...

thanks for the posts. good stuff.