Saturday, 5 July 2008

Mackenzies - 2 Peel Sessions

1st (10-2-86)

New Breed
Man With No Reason
Give Me Averything

2nd (30-7-86)

Big Jim (There's No Pubs in Heaven)
Mealy Mouth
Jingle (Slight Return)

Mackenzies - Peel Sessions

Twang! - Sharp 7", Flexi & 1st Peel Session

Sharp 7" (1986, Stet/Ron Johnson )

Eight at a Time

Split Flexi (1986, Lyntone)

Twang! - What's the Rub?
Laugh - Take Your Time, Yeah!

1st Peel Session (12-2-86)

Eight at a Time
Cold Tongue Bulletin
Big Dry Out
Law-Suit Man


Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Slab! - Music from the Iron Lung LP (1987, Ink Records)

Mars on Ice
Painting the Forth Bridge
Oedipus T. Rex
Big Mac
Parallax Avenue

Slab! - Iron Lung

Saturday, 14 June 2008

The Shrubs - Peel Session (2-7-86)

John Corpse

The Shrubs - Peel Session

Slab! - Peel Session (22-9-86)

Mars on Ice
Painting the Forth Bridge
The Animals are All Eating People Pie

Slab! - Peel Session

Marshmallow Overcoat - Whats Going On? 12" (1984, Skysaw Records)

Whats Going On?
Traffic Hug
Jelly Shed

Marsmallow Overcoat

The Mekons - The English Dancing Master 12" (1983, CNT Records)

The Last Dance
(A Dancing Master Such as) Mr. Confess
No Country Dance
Parson's Farewell
Dancing Master (reprise)

Dancing Master

Fini Tribe - Peel Session (22-5-85)

Originally released as cassette on their own label, this is from the original radio broadcast.

Goose Duplicates
An Evening with Clavichords
We're Interested
Splash Care

Fini Tribe - Peel Session

The Chills - 2 Peel Sessions

1st (25-11-85)
Rolling Moon
Brave Words
Wet Blanket
Night of Chill Blue

2nd (15-4-87)
Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn
Living in a Jungle
Moonlight on Flesh

The Chills - Peel Sessions

Andrew Berry - Peel Session (1-10-86)

All Alone
God Bless Your Sister
Take What You Please

Andrew Berry - Peel Session

The Cravats - 1st Peel Session (9-8-79)

Who's in Here with Me?
Pressure Sellers
Live for Now

Cravats - Peel Session

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Mackenzies - 2 Singles

New Breed
Dogs Breakfast
(1986, Ron Johnson)

Mealy Mouths
Mealy Mouths (Radio Edit)
Jim Jam
(1987, Ron Johnson)

The New Christs - Like a Curse 7" (1984, Citadel Records)

Like a Curse
Sun God

Marc Riley - 3 Singles (1983-84, In Tape)

Favourite Sister
Carry Mi Card
Jumper Clown

The Ex - 1936 (2x7", Ron Johnson)

They Shall Not Pass
El Tren Blindado
Ay Carmela
People Again

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Stump - 3 Peel Sessions

Re-upped this one as I noticed 'Buffalo' was a might fuzzy

1st (5-2-86)

Down on the Kitchen Table
Orgasm Way
Grab Hands

2nd (7-7-86)

Tupperware Stripper
Big End
Bit-Part Actor

3rd (28-1-87)

Living it Down
Eager Bereaver

Stump - Peel Sessions

Jackdaw With Crowbar - 2 Peel Sessions

1st (3-6-87)

Turkey Shoot

2nd (12-10-87)

Stomach Pump
Sailor Soul Survivor

Jackdaw with Crowbar - Peel Sessions

Clock DVA - Peel Session (7-6-83)

Beautiful Losers
Dark Encounters

Clock DVA - Peel Session

Monday, 19 May 2008

John Cale - Peel Session (8-5-75)

Taking it all Away
Darling I Need You
You Know More Than I Know

John Cale: Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Pat Donaldson: Bass, B-Vocals
Chris Thomas: Harpsichord
Chris Spedding: Guitar, Keyboard, B-Vocals
Timi Donald: Drums, B-Vocals

John Cale

Pigbros - 2 Peel Sessions

1st (21-8-85)

Cheap Life
Hedonist Hat
Lick Bones
War Food

2nd (6-5-86)

Bad Attitude
In Doubt
Immensity Home
What Counts?


DCL Locomotive - Peel Session (28-4-86)

Night and Day
(Walk Under) The Big Sky
Coast to Coast


The Triffids - 3 Peel Sessions

1st (13-11-84) Not the Field of Glass remix 12" this was taped off radio.
Monkey on My Back
Bright Lights, Big City
Field of Glass

2nd (14-5-85)
Life of Crime
Lonely Stretch
Chicken Killer

3rd (27-5-86)
Kelly's Blue
Wide Open Road
Kathy Knows
Keep Your Eyes on the Hole

Triffids Peel Sessions

Sunday, 18 May 2008

UFO or Die - Cassette Tape Superstar (1996. Time Bomb)

Tokyo City
UFO or Live (Fugs)
Dog Wave
Ghetto DNA (Motorhead Mix)
Kendo Machine Smokin'
My Germ is Big
We are Rice
Barny Love Tape (Big Frame)
Exploding Toilet Action
MC5 or 6
Karate Party
Radar Eyes (Gods)
Ant is Super Ultra Big Giant
Osaka Moonlight Combo
Fly Photo Session
Instant Touch
No Amp
0 or 1ers
Hell Boat
Old Cold Meat
Live Dog ESP
Anti-Full of No Empty
Demo Tape Time

Shock Shoppers 7" (1994, Skin Graft)

Shock Shoppers
Zombie Tube

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Tools You Can Trust - 3rd Peel Session (5-12-84)

Shazam!/Sign of the Swinging Lampshade
A Knock for the Young
Crammed Down the Throat


Stitched-Back Foot Airman - Wouldn't You Like to Know (1986, Very Mouth)

Wouldn't You Like to Know
Sinking Ship
Nervebend Manchester
Some People

Age of Chance - Motorcity (1985, Riot Bible)

Everlasting Yeah!


Bogshed - Morning Sir 7" (1986, Shelfish)

Morning Sir
Story of Bogshed

Clock DVA - Passions Still Aflame (1982, Polydor)

Sons of Sons
Theme from (IMD)

The Three Johns - 4 12" Singles

Some History (1984, Abstract Records)

English White Boy Engineer
Secret Agent
Pink Headed Bug
Lucy in the Rain

Men Like Monkeys
Two Minute Ape!
Marx's Wife
Paris 1941

Rooster Blue
Image or an Animal
Kick the Dog Right Out

Do the Square Thing
The World of the Workers

Sudden Sway 1st Single and 2 Peel Sessions

1st Single (1980, Chant)

Janes Third Party
Don't Go

1st Peel Session (24-11-83)
Let's Evolve

2nd Peel Session (21-11-84)
In the Park from the Hypno-Stroll
A Problem-Solving Announcement Sponsored by Cosi-Tech, The Miso-Thermic Party
A Problem-Solving Announcement Sponsored by Sunni-Tech, The Macro-Thermic Party
T Minus Tranquility from the Hypno-Stroll

Sudden Sway

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Jackdaw With Crowbar on Ron Johnson

Monarchy, Mayhem & Fishpaste (1987)

The Night Albania Fell on Alabama
Fourth World

Sunk By an Iceberg
Red Star Loco
Fuck America

Travesty of C(ro)W
Banjoid Festi
Sultan of Pickle, Son of Bran
New Right Wing
Turkey Shoot
Stomach Pump
Sailor Soul Survivor

Noseflutes - Zib Zob and His Kib Kob (1989, Rictus Records)

Tracks -

Needle to the Sackcloth
Spitball on My Kisser
On the Same Level as Too Much
Puffing Collapse
Pump Ass
Eminent (You Call Me That)
No Plans
Thug Thug Thug
Treated Older
Paradise Smells Wonderful to Me
Families Disappear

Friday, 2 May 2008

Neil Campbell & Richard Youngs - How the Garden is LP (HP Cycle, 2000)

From label website

Although they have recorded together in various forms over the last decade or so (most notably ABand and the “Durian, Durian” LP), “How the Garden is” represents the first true collaboration between Neil Campbell and Richard Youngs. Recorded over two days in the spring of 2000, this LP is mainly an acoustic affair with nine tracks at just over forty minutes. These recordings hover in, around, and between the meditative solo work of Richard and the density of (Neil's) Vibracathedral Orchestra ...stripped bare and built up around itself. Pressed in an edition of 300. Cover artwork by Richard Youngs.

Tracks -

Holly Bush Lane
Short as Rabbits
June Shrubbery
Cluster Cup Rubra
Gingko Garage

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Fred Lane - From the One that Cut You

A must have CD and now hard to find (unless you wanna pay silly money)
Contains both "From the One that Cut You" & "Car Radio Jerome" LPs on 1 CD

Tracks -

1. Fun in the Fundus
2. Danger Is My Beer
3. I Talk to My Haircut
4. From the One That Cut You
5. Rubber Room
6. Mystic Tune
7. Oatmeal
8. Meat Clamp Conduit
9. White Woman
10. Car Radio Jerome
11. Dial "O" for Bigelow
12. Dondi Must Die
13. Upper Lip of a Nostril Man
14. Man With the Foldback Ears
15. French Toast Man
16. Hittite Hot Shot
17. Pneumatic Eyes

David Knott, Jeffery Taylor, Robert Millis, & Rick Bishop "Messenger Trio" LP

Sun City Girls - To Cover Up Your Right to Live

Tracks -
Dark Eyes
Journey to the Center of the Mind
Paris 1942
Wild World of Animals
Gum Arabic
Midnite Cowboy
Over the Rainbow
Back Stabbers
Me & Mrs Jones
Robin Trower
R&R Hootchikoo
Never Rains in S. CA
Spanish Caravan
Anna Flo Jestine
Tom Waits

SCG - Right to Live

Sun City Girls - Cloaven Theatre #1

Heres my first post. One of the better Cloaven Cassettes.

Tracks -

I Protect You From Me
I Deal a Stick
Eyeball in a Quart Jar of Snot
Voice of America
Beelzebub Visits West VA
The Men in Black

Recorded Live on KASR ASU radio 10-1-86

SCG - Cloaven Theatre #1