Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Slab! - Music from the Iron Lung LP (1987, Ink Records)

Mars on Ice
Painting the Forth Bridge
Oedipus T. Rex
Big Mac
Parallax Avenue

Slab! - Iron Lung


rustythespider said...

Many Thanks for this.You are a man of descernable taste & intellect.This and the Jackdaw with Crowbar peel sessions are undoubted highspots in blog world....keep it up up mate.

the mosesman said...

Mr Dray here,,,, vocalist of Slab

ahh strange stuff.... jackdaw with crowbar... i remember em as the Small Town Thunderers and mighty fine they were too.... Tim Ellis from em recorded all of Slab;s early demos in his basement studio in Leamington Spa...and those demos kicked some arse..... Mars on Ice was pretty fine and most definitely Parallax Avenue was infinitely better than the bloated single releases....

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the last is pretty new and only just been started

Novemberer said...

Thanks for uploading this, it's been YEARS since I even thought about it - still sounds awesome! Don't 'spose you have Descension do you -I'd love to hear that again? "People Pie" -ARGH! IBx