Friday, 2 May 2008

Neil Campbell & Richard Youngs - How the Garden is LP (HP Cycle, 2000)

From label website

Although they have recorded together in various forms over the last decade or so (most notably ABand and the “Durian, Durian” LP), “How the Garden is” represents the first true collaboration between Neil Campbell and Richard Youngs. Recorded over two days in the spring of 2000, this LP is mainly an acoustic affair with nine tracks at just over forty minutes. These recordings hover in, around, and between the meditative solo work of Richard and the density of (Neil's) Vibracathedral Orchestra ...stripped bare and built up around itself. Pressed in an edition of 300. Cover artwork by Richard Youngs.

Tracks -

Holly Bush Lane
Short as Rabbits
June Shrubbery
Cluster Cup Rubra
Gingko Garage

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