Saturday, 14 August 2010

Spacemen 3/Wooden Shjips - Big City (Demo)/I Believe It (2009, Great Pop Supplement)

Vibracathedral Orchestra/Infinite Light - Get It?/Baptised By Intuition (2009, Krayon Recordings)

Fog - The Very Busy Salesman EP (2005, Alien Transistor)

Simon Wickham Smith & Richard Youngs/A Band - Zene/Salivating Regina (1992, Baby Huey)

The Fall - Bury! 2 + 4/Cowboy Gregori (2010, Domino Records)

Spires That In The Sunset Rise/Panicsville - Little For a Lot/Are You Going To Leave Me? (2005, Nihilist)

Universal Indians - Freak By Nature/Bought And Sold (1995, Uprising Records)

Neung Phak - Fucking USA/Tui Tui Tui/Far King USA (2005, Abduction Records)

University Punx - In Society!/Computer Police (1998, MykeDroner)

Keith Fullerton Whitman - Live (At The Tremont Theatre) (2002, Tonschacht)

Noxagt - S/T EP (2000, Nor Wave)
22 tracks in 14 mins!!


jpbenney said...


Spires That In The Sunset Rise/Panicsville - “Little For a Lot“/”Are You Going To Leave Me?”,

you should certainly check out the album from which “Little for a Lot” is taken, Four Winds the Walker. With its blending of unique instrumentation into rock, a fiercely spartan production, passionate vocals and often-apocalyptic lyrics, Four Winds the Walker stands as one of the best albums of the 2000s. You can read a review by me here.

Novemberer said...

Thanks for the Sonic/Shjips post, I've been looking for that one... x

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