Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Mekons - The Mekons Story LP (1982, CNT Productions)


Lee Thacker said...

The Mekons! What a brilliant band. I own this on LP and ltd ed CD - great stuff. I love the Peel Sessions you've been posting too. Do you have The Mekons session with English White Boy Engineer (later a Three Johns track)?
I also thought you might be interested in the book I'm currently putting together.
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Novemberer said...

Got the CD of this, I really love this era of Mekons, just wanted to give it a quick thumbs up!

Jim said...

Thanks much.

the saucer people said...

More Mekons! You sir, are a star!

I never knew English White Boy Engineer was originally a Mekons song, always thought it was a Three Johns track (though of course it is hardly a surprise given the member cross-over) - My second favourite Three Johns song behind Death of a European - they were such an incredible live band, saw them more than few times in the early-mid eighties.