Friday, 12 February 2010

More Sessions. Peel / Kershaw

Green Telescope (Kershaw 10/4/86)
The Cramps (10/2/86)
Jasmine Minks (17/2/86)
La Muerte (19/2/86)
Mighty Lemondrops (Kershaw 5/12/85)
Primal Scream (10/12/85)
10,000 Maniacs (1/7/85)
Sudden Afternoon (Kershaw 20/2/86)
Soup Dragons (24/2/86)
Television Personalities (Kershaw 27/2/86)
Laugh (17/3/86)
The Wake (14/7/83)
The Servants (24/3/86)
Greenhouse of Terror (Kershaw 10/4/86)
Happy Mondays (9/4/86)
Red Letter Day (21/4/86)
The Wolfhounds (1/4/86)
Treebound Story (12/3/86)


Ian said...

Thanks for the Red Letter Day session. Have been after this for ages. Any chance you have the session by The Relations from 1986 ? Much appreciated, Ian.

Gert said...

Thanks for all these sessions.
Great stuff. I have many sessions myself, mainly from 1967-1985.
Maybe you should join the Peel Yahoo Group:

80's Best said...

excellent blog
some links are failing... the wake,the room, red guitars
the great session
thank... greetings

sillymidoffster said...

Thank you so much for Green Telescope Session I have been after this for years and years and years OMG it's Wonderful!!!!!! Thanks You!!!