Saturday, 4 April 2009

UFO or Die/Keiji Haino Split Cassette (1992, SSS Records)

UFO or Die -
Let's Categorize
Space Disco
Atomic Vomit Men
Suck My Stomach
Much Much

Keiji Haino -
Guitar Improvisation

UFO were Eye Yamatsuka (gtr/vox), Yoshimi Yokota (drums) and Tony Lee (bass). Haino was himself. Recorded by Myke Holling live at the Beehive Coffeehouse on Dec. 21, 1991.


Grk! said...

Cor, what a find! Thanks very much.

Marko-V said...

Wow! I am a fan of EyE and Haino but I did not know this release even existed? Super-huge-megalomaniac thanks.

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