Sunday, 29 March 2009

Deep Freeze Mice - Rain is When the Earth is Television LP (1986, Cordelia Records)

Minstrel Radio Yoghurt
I Met a Man Who Spoke Like an UCCA Form
Careful With That Axe
A Ten Legged Beast (Or an Eight Legged Beast with Feelers)
Here Comes the Sun Exploding
An Eight Sided Thing
Peter Smith is a Banana
The Rat Dance
Number 9
Esther Hit Me With the Marmalade
You're Going Green
You're Going Green II
These Floors are Smooth
Phylis is a Protozoa No. 2



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Jim D. Pie said...

If anyone's interested Cordelia have just put out the final Mice LP "The Tender Yellow Ponies of Insomnia" on CD at last - see: