Monday, 12 January 2009

Bogshed - 4 Peel Sessions

1st (4-11-85)
Packed Lunch to School
Oily Stack
Hell Bent on Death
Can't Be Beat

2nd (5-3-86)
The Fastest Legs
Adventure of Dog
Summer in My Lunchtime
Morning Sir / Little Car

3rd (28-7-86)
Tried & Tested Public Speaker
Champion Love Shoes
Little Grafter
Gather in the Mushrooms

The Gourmet is a Baby
Raise the Girl
I Said No to Lemon Mash



coach_mcguirk said...

Thanks for this. Magnificent stuff, and great rips.

Do you need the 5th one? Holler if you do.

Novemberer said...

The 5th one is a corker innit!

Dr.G said...

Thank you sooooooo much for these.
My original tapes have long since been missing and it's great to hear these brilliant sessions again. :-]

CarlosMythos said...

Can someone please put the 5th Peel session up? Is that the one with "From the stubble, to the rubble" "Into Me" etc.?